Local Mountain Bike Trails

LMBC members work hard to maintain local area single-track trails so that they can be enjoyed by all. Please do your part by not tearing up the trails when they’re muddy, by being a courteous rider, and by helping the club with trail maintenance.


Can’t ride the trails right now? Check out these videos of the Lawrence River Trail from a September, 2009 Friday Night Ride.
Thanks to Jeff for sharing his helmet cam videos.

Rainfall totals for Lawrence, Kansas:
Today: 0.2 inches
May 22, 2017: 0.06 inches
May 21, 2017: 0 inches
May 20, 2017: 0.1 inches
May 19, 2017: 0.9 inches
Total rain in the last 5 days: 1.26 inches.
Report last retrieved May 23, 2017 09:00 pm from Wunderground.com.

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