National Mountain Bike Patrol

Current information about LMB Patrol activities is available online.

First organized in 2000, the Lawrence Mountain Bike Patrol is a community service extension of the Lawrence Mountain Bike Club. The distinctive red jerseys emblazoned with a large white cross identify the patrollers.

Modeled after the National Ski Patrol, the mountain bike patrollers are ambassadors, not enforcers. The patrollers are charged with providing help and first-aid for injured trail users, assistance with bike repairs, and information about bike and trail safety. The mountain bike patrol is authorized by the City of Lawrence Parks and Rec. Department, and each patroller is trained in C.P.R. and emergency first aid.

Each patroller is also a member of the National Mountain Bike Patrol, an outreach of the International Mountain Bike Association, of which LMBC is an affiliate club.

If you are interested in serving on the Lawrence Mountainbike Patrol, please email: