River Trail Riot 2023

Saturday Oct. 7 the River Trail Riot race at the Lawrence River Trails will take place. If you are racing, Thank you! Your race entry goes 100% back to the LRT trail. If you haven’t signed up to race, you can still come out and cheer the others on. We would love to see a party atmosphere at the LRT. This is a great way to celebrate bikes, trails and each other. Check out the schedule below.

Summer fun!

In trying to decide what to write a blog about, I started going through facebook and decided, there is too many things to pick just one or two standouts. What a busy and fun summer we’ve had! We have had a Women’s Sugar and Spice Ride, Kids Ride, ride to Clinton Marina Float Local Friday, Surf and Turf — 30 people at the Snake Farm ride, 6 people at the hot Clinton ride. Trees down… and more trees down. Wow, it has been fun! But it doesn’t stop here. Still more fun going on with the Wednesday Night Shuffle and the Friday Night Rides.

To celebrate the end of summer, we are having a picnic! Join us on Wednesday, Aug. 9th at Clinton Lake shelter 1 for a low key celebration of summer! More info to come.

Snake farm ride, 20+ riders on a Wednesday!
Kids ride with record turn out. Thanks to everyone for coming out and encouraging the next generation!
Holding up the trees.
Just chillin’. Trails were muddy.
Hot night, cool sunset!
Just one more tree. Was 13 down trees a record?